Captain Underpants : The First Epic Movie

David Soren | Based on a work of Dav Pilkey

Release date : June 2nd, 2017

Directed by :
 David Soren
Based on a work of : Dav Pilkey
Production CO : DreamWorks Animation

Animation Service Studio  : Mikros Animation Montreal and Paris


George Beard and Harold Hutchins are best friends who spend their days creating comic books and dreaming up pranks. One day they accidentally hypnotize their school principal into believing that he is Captain Underpants, a dimwitted superhero whose costume consists of underwear and a cape. As if this isn’t bad enough, their newest teacher is a disgraced evil scientist bent on exacting his revenge at their school. George, Harold and Captain Underpants must band together to thwart his evil agenda.


Main actors english dubbing (original voices)

Thomas Middleditch (Harold Hutchins)
Kevin Hart (George Beard)
Ed Helms (Captain Underpants)
Ed Helms (Mr. Krupp) 
Jordan Peele (Melvin) 
Nick Kroll (Professor Poopypants)